It’s the Simple Things

What really matters? I mean really matters in a life. Gosh, that question has followed me around since I was a kid standing on the shore of a lake in Manitoba.  It’s answers have evolved, and most certainly have further to travel.  The more I walk through in my life, the more I am fascinated with my own answers, as well as the answers of others who I pose the question to.  I’ve been curious lately, as my life takes another ‘steep evolving curve’, what makes my list.  Some of those things are…

  • Feeling connected to nature
  • The sun on my shoulders
  • The feel of the lake against my kayak paddle
  • Rushing out in the morning to see if the flowers I’ve planted are blooming yet
  • The goofiness of a Robin after its been fluttering about in my bird bath
  • Being with people who are thoughtful about the answer to this question
  • Walking at dawn on the beach at my beloved St. Simons Island
  • Climbing into a bed made up with freshly washed sheets
  • Being in that state of complete grace and connection when one of these moments happens
  • Spending time with George of Free Days with George fame
  • Stumbling across a new song I love so much that I play it over and over and over and over again
  • The way Mom smiled at me when I first walked in the room
  • Watching a musician who is totally absorbed in the moment when out listening to live music
  • Walking hand in hand with someone I love
  • The feeling of the cold wind against my face skiing down a slope
  • The Coast…..any coast.  I’m a coastline junkie
  • The smell of a farmer’s field in summer
  • Dancing with someone who is totally absorbed in the moment
  • Walking Driftwood beach on Jekyl Island
  • The feeling of thankfulness welling up in me for having said no, when I really did want to do whatever that was
  • Sitting on the deck at dawn with coffee in hand
  • Laughing out loud at something unexpected
  • Seeing pride and joy in another’s face
  • Standing back and watching people I brought together meet and chat, and knowing they are connecting because of an action I decided to take
  • The feeling of walking on water that I get when SUPing
  • Watching the full moon’s reflection in the water
  • Zoning out when following the bike in front while touring around
  • The smell of a new book
  • Being startled by a ‘yellow as a dandelion’ finch landing on the feeder right beside me and being able to hang out in her company for what seems like forever
  • Remembering the feeling of my dog’s fur under my fingers
  • The sound of rain on my roof
  • Finding one of my Mom’s bobby pins under her bed, and knowing that it once graced her hair
  • The glee in knowing I’ll have a dog in my life again at the right time
  • The sound of waves lulling me to sleep
  • Sitting at a pottery wheel with my hands deep in rich porcelain
  • A walk on the board walk at sunset
  • Watching a storm move across the lake
  • Hearing someone tell me about something that really matters to them
  • Being engaged in a conversation I never want to end
  • Not needing to edit my blog post 50 million times before I release it
  • That moment when my guest on my radio show in so immersed in what they want to share that everything else drifts away but the sound of their voice.

For me, perhaps it is all about connection.  To self, others, and the world, with what could perhaps best be described as mind, emotion, body and spirit.  And, setting the stage for these brilliant moments to happen by being in the spaces that will help facilitate this state of grace and connection – and choosing people to travel with who have the courage to seek out the answers to their own questions.

Hanging out with George of Free Days with George fame

Hanging out with George of Free Days with George fame

George kisses - doesn't get better than that

George kisses – doesn’t get better than that


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