The Power of Different

From time to time I like to share a book that inspires me.   And, this one sure does.

The Power of Different highlights what so many of us have grown to know – that much of what has been traditionally been throw into the ‘disorder’ pile can more often that not be a treasure-trove of gifts – when you know what to look for and how to bring them even further into the light of day.  While society would often still like to conveniently put ‘disorder’ in a box and label it, I urge you to open that box and capitalize on it with your creativity and genius!

The Power of Different – The Link Between Disorder and Genius  (click to go to author Gail Saltz’s website)

“A powerful and inspiring examination of the connection between the potential for great talent and conditions commonly thought to be “disabilities,” revealing how the source of our struggles can be the origin of our greatest strengths.

In The Power of Different, psychiatrist and bestselling author Gail Saltz examines the latest scientific discoveries, profiles famous geniuses who have been diagnosed with all manner of brain “problems”―including learning disabilities, ADD, anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Autism―and tells the stories of lay individuals to demonstrate how specific deficits in certain areas of the brain are directly associated with the potential for great talent. Saltz shows how the very conditions that cause people to experience difficulty at school, in social situations, at home, or at work, are inextricably bound to creative, disciplinary, artistic, empathetic, and cognitive abilities.

In this pioneering work, readers will find engaging scientific research and stories from historical geniuses and everyday individuals who have not only made the most of their conditions, but who have flourished because of them. They are leaning into their brain differences to:

*Identify areas of interest and expertise
*Develop work arounds
*Create the environments that best foster their talents
*Forge rewarding interpersonal relationships

Enlightening and inspiring, The Power of Different proves that the unique wiring of every brain can be a source of strength and productivity, and contributes to the richness of our world.”  Taken from publisher.

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