Making Waves | Chris Fischer – OCEARCH

Chris Fischer is disrupting the status quo and forging new paths as Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader of OCEARCH – carving out new ways of operating both on and off the water that have captured the attention of thought leaders and organizations around the globe.

OCEARCH is recognized worldwide for generating critical scientific data related to tracking, and biological studies of, keystone marine species, such as the great white shark, and tiger sharks.

My interview with Chris explores the evolution of the model that is changing long standing models in business, eduction and research.  Chris chats about his formative years and why his work is his life’s passion – bringing about change for our planet and for generations to come by disrupting the old and creating new ways of operating that are impacting our planet in ways that speak to our new era of connectivity.

For more information on OCEARCH, its expeditions, free educational programs and the Global Shark Tracker, please visit

This interview was made possible by generosity of the team at 100 Miles – a conservation organization on the coast of Georgia in the United States – preserving Georgia’s 100-mile coast for generations to come. Chris and I sat down to chat when he was their keynote speaker at their 2017 annual conference.  Find out more about 100 Miles and their highly regarded Annual Conference at

Thank you to Chris Fischer of OCEARCH and the Leadership Team at 100 Miles for the generosity of their time and spirit.

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