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Hearing your interview with David Sheffield and Mike helped me to look at the homeless in a new way.  I haven’t taken the step to get involved in Greenwood, but I went out of my way to talk to a woman who sits on a bench I have passed by every day on the way to work.  It was nice.  Thank you for opening my eyes to something new.

Marilyn – Listener

My love of people, and the amazing ways they transform themselves and the world around them is a constant curiosity in my life.  Talking to a guest on the show is a honour and a privilege.  My guests for The Jan Spragge Show come from all walks of life and a variety of interests – musicians, visual artists, the homeless, producers, and authors – people who are passionate about individuals, their communities and our world.  People who are making a difference no matter what their venue.  It never ceases to amaze me. When one person or organization embodies clarity and vision – magic is created….magic that changes who they are, their immediate environment, and the world we live in.

Content for the Jan Spragge Show is usually live from the Northumberland 89.7fm studios.  You can check out podcasts of the show at Northumberland 89.7 fm.   The show has been up and running for a few years now.  Just some of the guests and info about the show and its evolution is highlighted below.

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Tune-in to the Jan Spragge Show Thursdays at Noon EST on Northumberland 89.7 fm for interviews with Cutting-Edge Thinkers. The kind of chat that invites you to think differently about yourself and the world around you.

JIm Glover

One of my all-time fave radio guys – Jim Glover.

Like so many of the people at Northumberland 89.7fm, Jim shares his extensive background in radio – helping us navigate our shows – behind the mic, producing, and running the board.  Thanks, Jim!

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Guests of the Show have included cutting-edge thinkers such as:

  • Rick Green Totally ADD – Adult ADD
  • Frank Thomas -The Mind Game in Sport –  Olympic Archery Coach & Coach of the 15 Time National Champion Texas A&M Aggie Archers
  • Elaine Dembe Passionate Longevity – Inspiration to Live Differently
  • Koelle Simpson –  The Journey to the Nature Within  – Horse Whispering
  • Frank O’DeaDo the Next Right Thing – Hope. Vision. Action
  • Lauren RosenfeldSoul Decluttering – Breathing Room
  • Sarah BrokawFortytude – Making the Next Decades the Best Years of Your Life – Through your 40’s, 50’s, and Beyond
  • Bryon KatieThe Work – Question Your Thoughts & Change Your World
  • Ted StauntonTed Staunton Books – Aliteracy: For the Love of Reading
  • Nora Camps – Nora Camps – Visual Artist – Creativity 
  • Jonathan Byrd and The Pickup Cowboys – Jonathan Byrd – Music and Story
  • Single Thread Theatre Company –  Theatre & Salt Water Moon w/ Michelle Langille & Alex Dault
  • Katy HutchisonThe Story of Bob & Restorative Practice – Forgiveness, restorative practice & the issues of alcohol and other drug use, peer pressure, and misguided choices in an unchaperoned settings
  • And, more……   Watch for further postings on YouTube as they become available.

    Jonathan Byrd and Jan - A great time hanging out with Jonathan, Paul and Johnny.

    Jonathan Byrd and Jan – A great time hanging out with Jonathan, Paul and Johnny.

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco in Studio during the show - always a treat

Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco in Studio during the show – always a treat




Interested in becoming a guest on the Jan Spragge Show?  Contact me today!  I am always looking for new topics and ideas to share with my listeners.

“Once again let me say what a pleasure it was to work with you. You do a super hosting job; I knew I was in good hands all the way as you managed to keep us on course.”

– Ted Staunton, Author and Guest of the show

Spragge-RadioMusic for the Show was Written & Performed by Jeremy Spencley.  Check out Jeremy’s website at: Click Here & Enjoy Tribute Audio Designs!

Special thanks to incredibly talented team at Northumberland 89.7 fm, Jim Glover, Jeremy Spencley, Our Guests, Our Listeners , and the many people who have supported & encouraged me in the process.

“After hearing Katie on your show I bought one of her books and read it.  Her work and the interview really helped me with a family problem.  Thank you.”

– Crystal, Listener of the Show with Byron Katie


“Thank you! Frank O’Dea’s interview inspired me to try a different tact with the way I was showing up as a leader in my company.  I’ve since received feedback that the change was appreciated.”

-Steve, Listener of the show