Services and Fees

“I have found that my coaching sessions have help me connect on a more personal level with my teams and employees creating a team environment where accountability and respect our pillars.”

Senior Global Management Role – GE Energy

I’m excited! Over the moon in fact. Everything has it’s time, and the time feels right to open up my coaching business again to the world. Over the coming days and months you will see my coaching materials change and evolve as I massage them to reflect who I am as a coach at this time in my life. And, yes, I will get blogging again…etc…etc…

The realities of caregiving for someone with dementia made me scale back my business, and my life.  When my caregiving duties were over, I knew I needed a real break.  I had been a full-time caregiver for many years, so I geared down my coaching business to take time to integrate the many changes that were emerging deep within me. And, now…a new day. I’m happy to say that I’m opening up my schedule in a fun new way!

I love people. And, for me, there is nothing more exciting than connecting with someone who is looking to dig in and explore who they are and how they want to move through the world. Because digging in with gusto and guts in order to shake things up leads to something fabulous – a more vibrant life.

It was really important for me to create ample space following Mom’s death to integrate so many of the changes in my life following my roles as caregiver for my late husband, and then for my Mom. Caregiving and grieving are both huge shapers of who we are and they change how we bump up against the world. I wouldn’t change a thing when I look back on my caregiving roles – they helped me to grow into the woman I am today. But, everything has it’s time.

Grieving loss, integrating change, and finding new paths takes time. It is exciting to feel the urge to start opening up my calendar again to clients – offering just a few spaces to see how it feels.  I am looking forward to connecting with old and new clients as quite frankly I missed the people and the process, and find it a great honour to do the work.

While I would recommend that you make a commitment to yourself to work with any coach on a regular basis, over a period of months, in order to have the support needed to make sustainable change – I am leaving that commitment up to you. My calendar is now open in a new, fresh way – giving you the ability to book your appointments as you feel the need. Book ‘as you go’, or in advance. Whatever works for you. Book a bunch ‘back to back’ to help you get through a transition, or book them as you feel the need and so desire. After all, change and exploration starts and stops with the commitment you make to yourself. No one can do that for you. It’s up to you to become the person you always knew you were, and have the life you always knew you could have.

Basic facts about our coaching relationship:

  • Coaching usually takes place over the phone – with you placing the calls to my office number. I do offer ‘walking sessions’, or ‘let’s sit and chat’ sessions.  Pretty self-explanatory – the walking sessions are just that – we head out for a walk together from a place of our choosing.  And, the ‘let’s sit and chat’ is done in a place of our choosing – where we sit down and conduct the session face-to-face.
  • Review of pre and post call written forms is included with the coaching fee – a great way to take your coaching experience to the next level. I will provide the template for the forms. I highly recommend you take this opportunity to bring added focus to your commitment to self.
  • $40 Canadian per session for a limited time.  Why slash my fees so dramatically?  Why not?  It just feels right – opening up my doors in a new way.  After all, I want the same thing you want – for your life to feel fantastic.  The whole idea makes me smile, so it must be a good thing.

A Free Introductory call will allow both of us to see if coaching together feels like the right fit. If you decide to move forward, I will send you my coaching agreement for you to sign, and you can sign up on my online calendar for one or more sessions, and off we go…

Let’s explore how coaching can help make your dreams a reality.  Contact me today to schedule your free introductory call.

“Jan stands out as a coach of unusual sensitivity and intelligence – a coach with the capacity to engage quickly with her client’s unique strengths and challenges and the rare gift of providing substance with a light touch.”

Alison Manning – Mindspan, Australia